Short stay visas are issued for the purpose of less than three months visit to Mozambique. A short stay visa does not allow you to work in Mozambique.

Types of visa

a. Tourist
b. Business
c. Visit
d. Transit
e. Diplomatic
f. Official
g. Courtesy

Numbers of journeys

● Single, 60 days
● Multiple, 90 days

General Requirements


Valid Passport, which must be valid for at least six months, counted from the entry day in Mozambique.

Passport size photos

Two recent passport size photos for applicants visiting Mozambique for the first time and one for those who have visited Mozambique during the past two years.

Application form

Fill application form in Portuguese or English (black or blue). Abbreviations and acronyms are not allowed.


Other requirements deemed necessary in the visa issuance process.
The Embassy in the processing of the visa may request guarantees, such as means of survival, travel insurance and others. These documents should be presented only when requested.

Visa Specific Requirements


a. A Copy of a return ticket or flight schedule printout or
b. Hotel booking.


a. An invitation letter from an institution, business partner in Mozambique or
b. A letter from the applicant’s company requesting a visa.

Private Visit

a. A letter or invitation from the host, confirming lodging and financial guarantee.
b. The visa applicant shall provide a letter of invitation/confirmation from a company, organization or individual wherein the purpose of the visit is stated.
c. In the case of a family visit, specify the relationship with the applicant.
d. If the purpose is to visit a friend, the invitation letter should state how long the host and the applicant have known each other.
e. Invitation letter must be certified by the Mozambican Notary Services.


a. Visa of the country’s destination.
b. The length of stay in Mozambique should not be more than 7 days.


a. Note Verbal issued by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy, Embassies, Consulates (Only for Diplomatic)


a. Note Verbal issued by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy, High Commission, Consulate or International Organization. (Only for Service Passport and Laissez Passer)


a. An invitation letter from a Mozambican authority.